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•my name's the anthem for a dying breed •i disappoint my mother a lot •no matter what you do, you mean nothing
Anonymous:  Hi! I'm not sure if I've asked, but I recently started a new poetry blog called mynewtruthsfornow and I was wondering if you would mind checking it out? I'd really appreciate it, thank you!

why are u on anon tho?? but ya sure I’ll check it out and for ppl looking for poetry blogs heres one

I’m held together with bandages, but they’re slowly peeling from my tears and you’re slipping through the cracks.
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Alaska followed me, time to throw a party

i just saw this and cried a lil

it wasn’t a very fun party tbh just me on the couch with a cup of coffee so you didn’t miss much

shit u should have told me i would have brought coffee cake and silly string ??

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Anonymous:  any people who seem cool but have not talked to on here

these are ppl i have a mutual w that idk??

feis, christiannovelli, halfbunny, homowrecked, sadfrick, wanduring, xanaxloser idk they seem cool bc url?

Anonymous:  favorite blogs right now

cryest, certifiedpunkrocker,depresant, distrustingly, extrasad, eluting, ewalex, freeparadise, homowrecked, mediocra, naeci, planut, sadbutfab, safeslut, stupidandreckless im probably forgetting a lot sry